Marta is a multi-faceted Creative Director, combining conceptual story-telling experience with digital media savvy. She has worked on cushy multi-million dollar brand campaigns as well as borderline-illegal guerrilla campaigns. 

Her advertising career started with creative agencies such as Chiat/Day, Kirshenbaum & Bond and Spike DDB and has helped build some of the world’s most iconic brands: Jaguar, Marriott, Absolut vodka, Target, Moet & Chandon, JP Morgan, Verizon, Chevron, NY Knicks, Zumba and many others. 

Through a thought-provoking interactive website, a Huff Post blog, street art and public stunts, Marta’s own brand, The Unzipped Truth, has attracted thousands of followers and generated wide media attention 

Her international background (born in Spain, grew up in Switzerland, educated in the States and speaks four languages) offers a unique global perspective and most importantly, the ability to curse obscenities in multiple languages.