A feisty Spaniard with a worldly creative spirit, Marta was tamed and civilized at an early age in Switzerland, before moving to the U.S. to receive a double major in Communications and French Literature at The University of Pennsylvania.

Marta is a modern “Mad Woman”, with a long and illustrious career as a Creative Director in Advertising, working with some of the world’s leading brands and winning international awards. Her work transcends the mediums of film, digital, experiential and AR/VR. Marta has also written and directed award-winning short films and created a cartoon series that ran in Huffpost for seven years. Always bold and thought-provoking. Marta has been tagged the Cultural Matador by colleagues.

Currently she consults with serious Blue-Chip companies to help create high-quality, ‘un-boring’ corporate videos for the likes of JP Morgan Asset Management. If she could win an Oscar for corporate videos, she would try.

When not making money for her clients, Marta is most passionate about social impact, using her strategy and communications skills to start a social-good fashion brand as well as developing an experiential museum that inspires, provokes and educates young minds.

Besides being the most curious, colorful and passionate person in the room, Marta speaks four languages, sometimes all at once.