Digital, Ecommerce, Guerrilla
Through The Unzipped Truth’s interactive forum, e-card generator and online store, my blog at Huffpost, street art, graffiti, social media, live stunts and experiential methods, my occasionally offensive The Unzipped Truth has attracted thousands of followings along with the attention of multiple media outlets.

4 years ago I started a blog, The Unzipped Truth on the Huffpost. It has now become an interactive card generator, forum and ecommerce site.


To begin a citywide dialogue with New Yorkers, I stenciled simple, yet provocative, questions on sidewalks along with #unzippedtruth. The conversation continued through social media channels and directed people to share their answers at


Taking advantage of the fact that the Whitney Museum was holding a retrospective on Jeff Koons, the most expensive living artist today, a dozen volunteers and I decided to protest the ridiculous, skyrocketing prices of modern art. The Museum’s guards were not amused.

Most everyone enjoys Christmas, but no one stops to think about the important questions of the season. So we decided to get people thinking. We placed Christmas ornaments emblazoned with such questions as “Why does Jesus hate December 25th?” on the decorated trees in department stores, shops and building lobbies throughout New York. The hashtag #unzippedtruth drove people to the where they shared their answers.