Energy. Open mind. Strategy.  Teamwork.  Experience.  Passion. Fun.

When the going gets tough, good vibes always win. Having worked with some of the most iconic brands, most talented creatives at the best agencies, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best results come from openness, trust and something Einstein developed equations for: Good Vibes.

Because only with positive energy and trust can we ask the right "What ifs".

And the right “What ifs” open the imagination to other important “What ifs”, until the answer to the seemingly impossible strategic problem stares you in the face, resulting in spontaneous dance and hugs from colleagues and sometimes clients, although that can be awkward.

Teamwork is the glue that keeps everything together until the end. Working with diverse and brilliant people not only keeps you on your toes but forces you to pirouette on a dime.  Experience leads you to the right decisions, snatch the best ideas from the ether, and the wisdom to know which battles to fight for or wave goodbye to.

Passion is real. And essential. Ask your mother. But passion without fun can turn ideation into a tragic opera. Fun will not only make the work better, but people will gladly work longer hours and become more energized. Clients will remember you and most importantly, consumers will absorb that Positive Energy too.

This is my promise to my colleagues and clients: I promise to ingeniously answer every challenging brief while spreading my Spanish enthusiasm and passion with all departments, even legal and accounting (maybe not legal) so that we all have a bit more love for each other and what we do.