Boogie Down at The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo wanted a big idea for their Spring event. So we created Boogie Down At The Zoo, a celebration of Bronx culture, including Hip Hop, Italian food, Latin dances and graffiti. To promote the event, we got legendary Bronx graffiti artist John "Crash" Matos to paint a 1980 Chevy Caprice Taxi Cab. Then we put Crash, the notorious rapper Melle Mel (of Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five) and the original lyricist Grandmaster Caz into the Boogie Down cab for a special ride to the greatest zoo on earth.


How to make your very own Boogie Down promo: 1. Paint a cab. 2. Fill it with Bronx heroes. 3. Bring lots of cameras.


Three Bronx legends. Four if you count the cab.


A Bronx tale everyone wanted to share

We put a little boogie in the entire zoo experience.